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"…I am a frequent traveller…mainly between Prague and Budapest, but in the last months my flight was cancelled 3 times. I registered all at FLIGHT REFUND and surprisingly fast, I was fully compensated with EUR 250 per flight. The whole process was simple and fast….always a pleasure to get money...:)..."

Robert, Prague

"…I was flying from the Middle East to Europe and was 5 hours late, which according to the airline was due to radar failure. Together with FLIGHT REFUND, we successfully proved, that I was right and after a couple of months legal procedure I was fully compensated with EUR 400. Congratulations to FLIGHT REFUND, and I keep on recommend them since then...!!..."

Paul, Doha, Qatar

“…our flight from Hong Kong was 5 hours late... I wrote to the airline, but for almost 2 years no refund was paid...FLIGHT REFUND collected my claim of EUR 2400 for the whole family in just 1 month....FLIGHT REFUND has done an excellent and very professional job, with a successful refund, where I, as a passenger alone could not get compensated….” 

Istvan, Budapest
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