About Flight Refund - your legal attendant.

About us

Flight Refund was launched by two individuals, Barbara Schulhof , economist and communication specialist, and by Tamas Doffek private investor, based on a recognition that even regular travellers are not aware of their rights and their possible eligibilty for compensation. By 2016 the company has become an internationally competitive business as a result of its shareholder support. PannonHitel Zrt., as Flight Refund Kft’s minority owner, strengthens the company with its know-how in financial debt collection. Passengers who were left without any type of indemnity in the event of a long flight delay, flight cancellation or denied boarding were able to get rightfully compensated only after a costly, complicated and sometimes lengthy legal procedure.

In the past few years Flight Refund has significantly strengthened, beside the founders an experienced operative group manages the team of the rapidly growing, now international company.
The founders still take their active parts in the most important fields of the operations as international business development, strategy building or the customer services.

CEO, Aniko Bolyo with 20 years of experience in the financial sector, manages the company on a daily basis. Aniko has started her career at Flight Refund’s partner in debt management, PannonHitel Zrt. in 2014 as a loan manager after gaining several years of management experience at a commercial bank.

Anita Zoltai-Szabo, our Business Development Director manages the company’s international expansion. Anita has graduated at the University of Economic Sciences in Budapest with a Master degree in economics majoring in management and international logistics. Later she earned post graduate degrees in International and IT Management. She has gained her massive aviation industry experience as a regional manager at a GDS provider, where she worked with 34 countries. She earned significant international management and aviation industry experience, working in the Netherlands, France and in England.

Flight Refund has international legal and receivables management experts covering all of the European Union. The company operates with a continuously expanding sales and back office team. The company is already present in Romania, Poland, Spain, England, Greece, Turkey, Slovakia, Czech Republic and in Bulgaria continuously and dinamically expanding its partnership network with local travel agencies, therefore millions of passengers can quickly and easily have access to the services of Flight Refund. The customer services department under the founders‘ direct supervision focuses on the fastest and highest possible quality service.