Flight delays? Cancelled flights? Denied boarding? You could be entitled to compensation!

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Have you ever been waiting for annoyingly long hours at an Airport?


Have you ever been denied boarding against your will at the gate?


Has your flight ever been cancelled unexpectedly without any advance notice?

These unexpected events can cause a highly inconvenient and exposed situation. With regard to this, Air Passengers were in need of an effective and general protection, which was created by a Regulation of the European Parliament.

Flight Refund’s online service provides help for passengers whose flights were significantly delayed (by at least 3 hours), canceled or due to overbooking the passenger could not even make the flight referring to the time period of the past 3 years. In the above-mentioned cases, passengers are legally entitled to receive a financial compensation that can amount to 250 to 600 Euros.

Many times, the air passengers fail to get this compensation because they have no knowledge about this regulation or they are unable to claim it posteriorly from the airline as the correspondence requires time. Also, throughout the process it is necessary to have local legal representation.

Flight Refund’s expert team can provide you help in collecting the justified financial compensations from the airlines. Based on our experience of thousands of successful cases, we are confident that we can succeed up against the airlines within a short period of time.

You may be entitled up to 600€  compensation if your flight was unexpectadly cancelled, long delayed or overbooked. Flight refund acts on your behalf to collect your money for a success fee as little as 30%.

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Sign up and administration is total free. You will never pay us a cent. Upon success we pay you 70% (inc. VAT). If we fail, we pay all costs.

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“…I was flying from the Middle East to Europe and was 5 hours late, which according to the airline was due to radar failure. Together with FLIGHT REFUND, we successfully proved, that I was right and after a couple of months legal procedure I was fully compensated with EUR 400. Congratulations to FLIGHT REFUND, and I keep on recommend them since then…!!…” Paul, Doha


“…I am a frequent traveller…mainly between Prague and Budapest, but in the last months my flight was cancelled 3 times. I registered all at FLIGHT REFUND and surprisingly fast, I was fully compensated with EUR 250 per flight. The whole process was simple and fast….always a pleasure to get money…:)…” Robert


“…our flight from Hong Kong was 5 hours late… I wrote to the airline, but for almost 2 years no refund was paid…FLIGHT REFUND collected my claim of EUR 2400 for the whole family in just 1 month….FLIGHT REFUND has done an excellent and very professional job, with a successful refund, where I, as a passenger alone could not get compensated….” István


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